Speaking and Teaching

Speaking Through Words and Music

Hope, inspiration and healing.

Mary shares her story to teach and inspire others. Growing up in a dysfunctional family with addictions, anxiety, and trauma,  music was often a source of solace. After studying energy healing and learning to meditate, Mary slowly began to  heal her addictive patterns and early trauma that had led to anxiety and ill health.   As digestive issues,  achy joints,  headaches and other physical symptoms began to disappear, so did the heavy weight of anxiety, mood swings and the sense of hopelessness that had been a steady, unwelcome companion for many years.   In a short period of time, clarity emerged as did a greater sense of purpose and meaning and soon thereafter, Mary began speaking and teaching these powerful techniques to others.   She  now uses her love of music to share a message of personal transformation, healing from trauma, recovering from addiction, releasing anxiety, and much more.   

Speaking Highlights

My Early Memory of Music

The Oak Buffet

A Soundbath Meditation

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