Speaking and Teaching

Speaking Through Words and Music

I enjoy sharing my story to teach and inspire others. Growing up in my family I was surrounded with many unhealthy family patterns: addictions, anxiety, unresolved trauma, unexpressed emotions.  I discovered music as a young child and it became a source of solace.  A  bit like balm to a wound, when I sang or played a piano and guitar,   I felt joy and love and I felt the healing power that music and sound had on me.  Years later,  I learned to meditate and practice energy healing, and, low and behold, the unhealthy family childhood patterns began to disappear and so did the accompanying trauma, anxiety and physical  issues like inflammation,  achy joints, low energy, and digestive irritations.    I traded in my daily happy hour of fancy wine in a pretty glass for daily meditation, clarity, and a strong desire to share the power of energy healing with everyone I knew. 

I now use my love of music together with energy medicine and life coach training to teach and to help you  awaken your innate healing capacity leading to personal transformation, healing from trauma, recovering from addiction, releasing anxiety,  and much more.

Speaking Highlights

My Early Memory of Music

The Oak Buffet

A Soundbath Meditation

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