Individual or Group

$100 – 60 minutes of pure healing sound vibration

Enjoy the healing vibrations of sound as a variety of healing instruments such as tuned crystal alchemy bowls, drums, voice, and much more wash over your energy field – which is where all physical, mental and emotional symptoms originate.  A soundbath will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and cleansed as your blood pressure lowers, stress dissipates, trauma is released and pain leaves your physical body.  Make this enjoyable experiential healing a part of your regular energetic hygiene.   Just as we wash our physical body daily, we also benefit immensely from regularly cleansing  and clearing accumulated debris from our energy field.


Group Soundbath

Group sound baths can be a part of your next dinner party, birthday celebration, date night,  unique corporate wellness activity,  healthy holiday celebration for friends,  and much more.  Wherever you desire to gather with friends, relatives or co-workers, a soundbath is a wonderful way to connect with one another, with nature, and with your inner self- which is where all answers lie.  An indoor or outdoor soundbath is a relaxing way to deeply listen for what your authentic, wise, higher self is saying to you.

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My sound bath experience with Mary was an unexpected hour of self-reflection and had a lasting and calming effect on me.


A deeply profound healing experience. Fell into a deep sleep as soon as I got home.


I experienced immediate relief and a deeper healing, both physically and emotionally, after working with Mary.


While one session made the difference I was seeking at the time, I’ll be coming back for realignment, relaxation and other issues that may arise.