You are your own best healer and you can create optimal health and wellness for yourself,  your loved ones, and ultimately for all living beings by tuning into your signature frequency that is your innate healing ability.   Experience how the powerful techniques of energy healing combine with vibrations of sound to reveal this signature frequency that is your essence and has all the answers you seek.   You are an energetic being operating within a physical body.  Your essence, or energy body,  was formed first and out of it developed your physical body.  Everything that affects your energy field ultimately shows up in your physical body.   Energy healing with sound resonates with the vibration of your energy field, restoring balance, harmony, and health in your field and ultimately within your physical body.

Greater health and wellness is within each and every one of us and awakening to this truth in our lifetime has never been more vital.

Let me help you tune into your signature frequency, awakening the inner healer that you are!

A great therapeutic experience. Loved the vibrations and tones from the crystal bowls. Definitely realigned and balanced my energy.


My sound bath experience with Mary was an unexpected hour of self-reflection and had a lasting and calming effect on me.


I experienced immediate relief and a deeper healing, both physically and emotionally, after working with Mary.


While one session made the difference I was seeking at the time, I’ll be coming back for realignment, relaxation and other issues that may arise.


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About Mary

As an energy healer,  public speaker, singer-songwriter musician,  and teacher,  Mary’s work is to help you become the best version of you!  She sees clients for energy healing and soundbaths,  speaks to groups on topics such as meditation, discovering your inner truth,  and joy in sobriety.  Mary composes instrumental music for healing as well as contemporary music with a message and she offers educational videos and training in the field of energy healing.