As we all look to heal ourselves and thereby heal the world – I’d like to share a recent experience that illustrates a deeper level in my own healing journey.  Like many of you, I\’ve often considered myself a spiritual seeker, but when I embarked on the study of Energy Medicine and Sound Healing so many years ago, I began a seriously deeper dive.  One of the general education requirements to the Lifeforce Energy Healing program in which I enrolled was Learn to Meditate  – with the Deborah King Center

Little did I know then how the simple practice of daily meditation with a mantra could change the direction of my life and give such incredible clarity.  It was kind of like rubbing grime off the window of my life.   When I look at the woman I was 10 years ago and the woman I am now becoming, I’m blown away!  I hardly know that woman of yesterday.  And all along the way, I never thought I’d become any sort of heal-ER, or write-ER, or speak-ER.  I honestly just wanted to fill this internal void and release the confusion, lack, misunderstanding and shallowness I was experiencing at the time.  I had no idea that the universe would begin to ask FROM me just about everything that was being given TO me.  And oddly enough, I\’m starting to realize there is no difference between the two – no difference between giving and receiving – no difference between healing ourselves and healing others.

This idea that giving and receiving are the same energy demonstrated itself so beautifully at the recent National Breast Center Foundation’s annual Walk To Bust Cancer- a local event to increase awareness and celebrate survivorship.  My dear friend and Executive Director of the Foundation, Martha Carucci, graciously invited me to set up a tent with my sound healing instruments along with a massage table to offer mini Sound Healing sessions for attendees while also providing information on the health benefits of Energy Medicine and Sound.

At the walk, I met so many brave women, along with men, children, parents, co-workers, all who exemplify love, support, and community.  Some were survivors of many years, others were recently diagnosed or in the midst of treatment, and still others came out to support, witness and walk with family, friends and loved ones on a beautiful fall day in Northern Virginia.   I set up at the event, thinking I was there as “the giver”.   However, as I began meeting one person after the next, offering sound healing, information, and demonstrations, the immense amount I was receiving began to wash over me. As I heard each person openly share their journeys as patient, survivor, spouse, family member or loved one, I felt and received their gifts.  They were helping me and others through their personal stories.  I was particularly humbled by their bravery in sharing so openly as I recalled my own personal struggle in early sobriety when I would try and share my story at a 12-step meeting and found I was unable to string together even one sentence without becoming overwhelmed by my own emotions. Speaking intimately and factually about our personal life struggles is powerful medicine both for ourselves and for those who are able to hear it and stand witness.   And it takes a great deal of courage.   I both witnessed and received a whole heap of courage at that event.

I’m starting to see that the more I am given on my own road of personal healing, the more opportunities seem to show up for me to share and help others on their personal journeys.  This notion that giving and receiving are the same energy, though seemingly paradoxical, is actually very self-evident and real and it is the essence of true healing.  When I witness a survivor sharing his or her story of what it was like, what happened, and where he/she is now, I am filled with the very same vulnerability, courage, and love that they are expressing.  In this moment, we are both healed at a deep level and it is a beautiful thing. Yes, indeed, no difference between giving and receiving.