Sound is powerful medicine and creates health and wellness for your spirit, mind, and body..  The appropriate frequency lowers your blood pressure, decreases anxiety, resolves trauma and old patterns of stagnation and addiction.  Sound medicine also brings more of what you DO want into your life; abundance, joy, dopamine, seratonin, creativity, deep meaning and purpose, healthy long-lasting relationships and more.

Mary uses sound to clear chakras, balance and recharge your organs, tissue, cells, and body systems.  She combines sound with life coaching to provide practical step by step guidance for clients, helping them to  raise their personal vibration and facilitate growth, change, and physical, mental, or emotional healing.

Healing means “to make whole” so when an illness or dis-ease has manifest  on the physical level it always has components and roots at the emotional level, the mental level,  and/or the spiritual level.  That is why sound medicine can be so effective because it treats the whole person –  all levels of our multi-dimensional self  – much like re-tuning an instrument that has fallen out of tune within an orchestra.

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A great therapeutic experience. Loved the vibrations and tones from the crystal bowls. Definitely realigned and balanced my energy.


My sound bath experience with Mary was an unexpected hour of self-reflection and had a lasting and calming effect on me.


I experienced immediate relief and a deeper healing, both physically and emotionally, after working with Mary.


While one session made the difference I was seeking at the time, I’ll be coming back for realignment, relaxation and other issues that may arise.


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As an energy healer,  musician,  public speaker, and teacher,  Mary uses her years of musical training,  certifications in sound healing, energy healing, education, and Life Coaching to help you open up to your innate healing ability.