Energy Healing Through Sound

Born into a large Irish family of musicians and heavy drinkers, Mary learned to love happy hours, parties and all things music. It wasn’t until she stumbled across meditation and energy medicine that she realized her daily happy hours – though seemingly filled with fun and fancy wine in a pretty glass – had become an unhealthy coping mechanism to hide from childhood trauma and suppressed emotions.  Awakening to this amazing clarity prompted Mary  Learn more about Mary >>


Mary offers a wide range of services to facilitate healing and offer knowledge. Whether its private sessions or group workshops, speaking engagements, or even music performance, Mary’s goal is to help facilitate personal transformation and change. 

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Featured Service: Sound Bath Meditation

To learn more about Mary and the various healing services that she offers…

What People Are Saying

A deeply profound healing experience. Fell into a deep sleep as soon as I got home.


After a long period of illness during which I found myself in physical pain and extreme fatigue and exhaustion, I was beyond frustrated with the lack of progress I was making via the traditional medicine route.  I knew very little about energy healing and sound immersion but was willing to try anything. I experienced immediate relief and a deeper healing, both physically and emotionally, after working with Mary.   She is one of the most gifted, devoted and talented healers and caregivers I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I am so grateful for her help.


A great therapeutic experience. Loved the vibrations and tones from the crystal bowls. Definitely realigned and balanced my energy. At the end of my session, after being immersed in all the different sounds from all the various musical instruments, I felt the comforting presence of an ancestral guide. Mary knows the music, the frequencies, and the healing power they bring.


My sound bath experience with Mary was an unexpected hour of self-reflection and had a lasting and calming effect on me.  I was new to the concept, but Mary’s attention to detail and her explanations made me totally comfortable and open to take in any emotions and thoughts that were in my brain and body.


Mary’s private sound bath session created the energetic shift I was looking for. It was very relaxing and loving. She is a powerful healer. And she has a very wide variety of instruments she uses, from tuning forks and crystal bowls to drums and her own voice. While one session made the difference I was seeking at the time, I’ll be coming back for realignment, relaxation and other issues that may arise. If you are open to alternative healing modalities or are looking for a deep meditation, I highly recommend her private and group sound baths.


We went together to a soundbath meditation of Mary’s and enjoyed the experience – very relaxing and her use of song and sound tools along with her explanation was very informative.  We now understand our energy field and it’s importance in our life – more than we did before the experience.  In addition, we work with a youth group at our church and hired Mary to give a soundbath to the kids.  They enjoyed the experience so much that they asked to have her come back again!

Christine and Patrick