In-Person Session

Customized Private Sound Healing Session

Discover the deep relaxation and healing benefits of a private Sound Healing session tailored to your specific needs. A typical session lasts around 60 minutes, of which 35 – 40 minutes is pure Sound. Sound Healing instruments are used, some of which are applied to the physical body, others played around the body in the subtle energy fields and energy centers (chakras). The cost per session is $85.

In-Person Soundbath


A deeply profound healing experience. Fell into a deep sleep as soon as I got home.


My sound bath experience with Mary was an unexpected hour of self-reflection and had a lasting and calming effect on me.


I experienced immediate relief and a deeper healing, both physically and emotionally, after working with Mary.


While one session made the difference I was seeking at the time, I’ll be coming back for realignment, relaxation and other issues that may arise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am located in Northern Virginia on the east coast of the United States where I offer in-person sound healing sessions and where I also offer online and remote sound healing sessions.

Do you offer remote healing sessions?

Yes, I offer remote sessions of Sound healing.  This is done by connecting through zoom and with digital sound equipment from my studio to you.

How should I prepare for my session?

In order to prepare for your in-person or online sound healing session, dress in comfortable clothing, turn off your phone and other devices, and otherwise open yourself up to receive.

That’s it!  Less is more when it comes to receiving and being in a state of allow.

How long does a session last?

A sound healing session usually lasts an hour.

Can I record my session?

At your request, I will record your in-person sound healing session for you.

All online zoom sound healing sessions are recorded automatically for you.