About Mary

Mary Bowers is a certified energy medicine healer, musician, speaker, and spiritual teacher.  Part of Mary’s personal story involved growing up in a large Irish family of musicians and drinkers.  Through the study of energy medicine together with meditation and journaling,  she discovered an inner force organically leading her toward an AF (alcohol free) life.   As time went on, and Mary continued these practices, she saw the power in this type of medicine as,  one by one,  other family patterns such as anxiety,  unresolved emotions,  financial struggle, and a host of other physical, mental, and emotional issues began to organically surface and resolve – revealing more and more of her true essence and authentic self.   Today Mary blends her gifts of sound and music together with energy healing medicine to help others uncover and discover their awaiting inner truth and beauty.

When Mary is not seeing clients or teaching groups from her Northern Virginia studio, She can be found co-creating with The Mystic Chics for live and online events around the country as they authenticate your divine frequency through energy healing, movement, high vibe music, sacred ceremony and substance free sovereignty.

Mary enjoys good food, meaningful conversation, and spending time in the beautiful backyard gardens – lovingly co-created together with her lifelong partner and husband Roger.  Her home and heart are there with son Drake and two boxers, Bella and Casey.