About Mary

Born into a large Irish family of musicians and heavy drinkers, Mary learned to love happy hours, parties and all things music. It wasn’t until she stumbled across meditation and energy medicine that she realized her daily happy hours – though seemingly filled with fun and fancy wine in a pretty glass – had become an unhealthy and dangerous coping mechanism to hide from a childhood of trauma and suppressed emotions. To get a handle on her drinking habit, Mary began a 12-step journey that -together with meditation, journaling and energy medicine – has brought clarity and a deep sense of purpose and inner peace.

Today, Mary uses her love of music to share a message of personal transformation and change. Mary believes it is NEVER too late to look inside, turn things around, and become the best version of YOU! The one you were always meant to become.

Mary enjoys good food, meaningful conversation, and spending time in the beauty of the backyard gardens – lovingly created by her lifelong partner and husband Roger.  They reside in Northern Virginia with son Drake and two boxers, Bella and Casey.