About Mary

Mary is a singer-songwriter musician, speaker, sound healer, and graduate teacher at the Deborah King Center.  Part of Mary’s personal story involves addiction and abuse while growing up in a large Irish family of musicians and drinkers.  After discovering the power of daily meditation, journaling, and energy healing, Mary was able to face and overcome these and other challenges.  Without daily happy hours filled with fancy wine in a pretty glass, Mary found herself opening up to a world of health, peace of mind, and joy in living that she never knew existed and one that she now sees as her mission to share with the world.  

Today Mary’s music is a reflection of this healing journey as she shares with others a powerful, high-vibe musical message of personal transformation and change.  When she’s not offering group and private sound healing sessions from her Northern Virginia studio, Mary can be found co-creating with The Mystic Chics in front of audiences online and around the country on topics such as;  personal transformation, joy in sobriety, and the importance of daily meditation.

Mary enjoys good food, meaningful conversation, and spending time in the beautiful backyard gardens – lovingly created by her lifelong partner and husband Roger.  Her home and heart are there with son Drake and two boxers, Bella and Casey.