About Mary

Mary Bowers is an energy healer, musician, speaker, and spiritual teacher.  Part of Mary’s personal story involved addiction while growing up in a large Irish family of musicians and drinkers.  When she  discovered how energy healing, daily meditation and journaling could heal addiction, trauma, anxiety and a whole host of other physical, mental, or emotional symptoms,  she felt it was important to share this practice with others.  Mary is a certified energy medicine practitioner and life coach.

When Mary is not seeing clients or teaching groups from her Northern Virginia studio, She can be found co-creating with The Mystic Chics for live and online groups around the country on topics such as;  energy healing, personal transformation, joy in sobriety, and the importance of daily meditation.

Mary enjoys good food, meaningful conversation, and spending time in the beautiful backyard gardens – lovingly created by her lifelong partner and husband Roger.  Her home and heart are there with son Drake and two boxers, Bella and Casey.